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About Boop Digital

Boop Digital is a digital marketing, graphic, and web design company that  helps launch and grow online businesses for small to medium-sized businesses + solopreneurs.

Our Values

Customer-centric Marketing

Relentless Improvement & Testing

Minimalist & User-Friendly Design

Lean Operating Principles

Our Mission

We believe in starting your own business.

We are also a small business and we are passionate about making incredibly high-quality web design and digital marketing strategies available to all businesses without the prohibitive costs usually associated with big ad agencies.

That doesn’t mean we are free, offer large discounts or charge below market value (and we strongly believe you don’t need to either), but we do everything we can with the access to technology, lean operating principles and network of multi-talented people who share our vision to create the best solutions for your business without the inflation typically associated with large corporate bureaucracy and inefficient teams.

People that work for us are passionate about flexible working situations, freedom to pursue their dreams and hustles, and delivering excellent creative and strategic work.

People that work with us are usually very heavily involved and passionate about the business they’ve created. They are open to trying innovative approaches to growing their profits and community. They embrace minimalism and lean startup principles. They value clean design, user experiences, and straightforward and effective sales funnels.

Together the community we’ve created is one that is driven by serving and educating our clients and adding to the beautiful user-friendly experiences that exist on the web no matter what your industry or nice.

"Expert with a wonderful personality!"

- MJ Kim

"Lauren had a keen interest in answering my questions in a language I can understand & she helped me demystify the tech part of SEO. I learned valuable, up-to-date information & how to implement concrete action plans. I highly recommend Boop Digital."

- Marilaine Delisle

"I learnt a lot from Lauren about maximising SEO for my website and in an easy to understand way. Definitely would recommend Lauren to other small business owners!"

- Angela Lester

"Lauren is an SEO and digital marketing genius, but she makes everything really approachable! She is knowledgable about so many areas of online marketing and answered all of my questions in a way that made everything feel so much more manageable and doable! I would definitely recommend working with her for whatever online marketing needs you have; she's the best!"

- Leslie Roberts

"Lauren's SEO knowledge is solid and she is able to communicate it clearly and simply for non technical folks like me, both verbally and in print/writing. She's got a great attitude and heart to help, so that with her technical expertise, is a winning combination for anyone who is looking for a good client experience."

- Justine Hwang

"Lauren did an amazing job sharing her SEO knowledge with our group of creative entrepreneurs. She's very thorough and professional. (and super friendly 😉 ) I'd recommend her to anyone needing some help being found on google!"

- Tanja Aelbrecht