Case Study

The Need

Abby is a ride-hailing service by women, for women. It provides ownership opportunities in a gig economy to provide financial freedom to its female drivers and also provides safe riding experiences for women in the city. As a new startup, Abby needed a new brand design that would be visually rich and impactful to compete with other industry giants like Uber and Lyft. The Abby brand needed to be exciting and bold to entice its future fan-base and set it apart, while conveying the sense of inclusion, feminism, and reliability that are foundational principles to this fresh co-op company.

The Solution

We approached the Abby brand in a "Lizzo meets Lyft" kind of way by providing punchy colours, custom iconography that alludes to a feminist era protest patch, and typography that is minimal, fresh and young. The Abby brand was designed to blend the modern minimalism of today with the slightly retro whispers of its feminist and co-op roots. The result is a fun brand that is unapologetic in nature and is making waves in the Vancouver ride-hailing scene.

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Yvette Wu, CEO


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