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What Is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization is the process by which we make your website more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, etc. The higher you show up in search results for the right keywords, the better quality of web traffic you will get (ie: more paying customers versus just regular website visitors). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a lot of work, including working with some of your website’s code, so we offer professional and ethical SEO services for new websites. In order to keep ranking competitively as you grow your business, you will want to invest in some time into a content marketing strategy such as a formalized blogging program.

Do You Feel This Way About SEO?


SEO takes a lot of time.

You know it is important, but it takes time to do and time to see results. By handing over your SEO management to a professional you are getting more time to focus on short-term revenue gains for your business.


SEO can get quite technical.

You have a good sense of what SEO is, but you don’t want to have to worry about all of the technical issues, editing code, installing scripts, or optimizing files that comes along with keeping up a SEO-ready website.


You need to know what to do for YOUR BUSINESS specifically, not just general SEO tips.

A lot of SEO tips floating around the internet are helpful, but what does it look like in practice for a local photography business or graphic designer?


Maybe you've done the basics. Edited image tags but you need a strategy to actually GROW ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

There are a lot of free checklists online (including ours) that tell you the technical things you need to do, but now you need an advanced SEO content and keyword strategy.

Our SEO Services

SEO service providers often seem unclear and mysterious. Are you overpaying? How will you know if you see results?

As a small business owner it is likely you’ve gotten approached by cold emails before from people claiming to be SEO agencies. Sometimes services can be expensive, and it is a bit daunting to think they might just run off with your money and you won’t even be able to measure or see results. That is why we make you follow a clear, transparent process when working with us on SEO.

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A complete Business SEO Strategy should always include:


  1. Write valuable content for humans (content strategy)
  2. Optimize your content for search engines (technical strategy)
  3. Improve your content by (analytics strategy):
    1. Learning from competitors
    2. Listening to customers
    3. Understanding your analytics
  4. Share your content on the internet and gain authority (backlinks strategy)

Boop Digital’s aim is to remove the overwhelm typically associated with SEO by educating and managing this process.

We are deeply committed to clarity, simplicity, and results.

Step 1

Content Strategy

Step #1: SEO Content Strategy Report

$1195 (2-week process)

We work with you to determine your website/business goals first. Then we build a content strategy around your actual conversion goals, your competitors, and our SEO data research (we look at all the numbers). This report will ultimately include a custom: Keyword list and strategy you should be focused on; List of content ideas you should be focused on in the upcoming year with a proposed schedule for content creation; Guide on how to optimize each of your blog posts for search engines; List of relevant guest blogging opportunities; General content guide on how to most efficiently amplify your blogging efforts via other content marketing channels such as social media. We then schedule a one-hour 1-on-1 consultation call to make sure you are crystal clear on how to proceed and answer any questions.

Step 2

Technical Strategy

Step #2: SEO Technical Audit Report

$995 (2-week process)

First we research everything SEO related to your website. This includes a massive custom report on your website and a one hour consultation call to go over the results. This report will include a prioritized list of technical SEO fixes for your domain, a competitor overview, a keyword overview, and a consultation session after you have had a chance to review the report. This is meant to be a clear, actionable report with a 1-on-1 consultation time to make sure you truly understand where your problems lie.

Next Steps (Fixing Your Technical Errors):

After we have conducted a technical audit report for your domain, we can provide a custom quote for you that would include the cost and timeline for us to handle all of the technical fixes flagged in your diagnosis. Please keep in mind that this typically ends up costing around $2000+ depending on the size of your website content and the number of issues you have. If you are interested, we can also offer a similarly priced package where we coach you through handling your own technical fixes (for those wanting to get a personal handle on the technical side of SEO).

Step 3

Analytics Strategy + Reporting

Step #3: SEO Analytics Set-Up + Data Coaching

$5000 (4 week process)

 It is important to understand how to track your progress in simple, and meaningful ways for your business. This is a one-month intensive process where we cover the following:


  • Ensure proper installation of your Google suite of marketing tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Page Speed Insights
  • Create a custom marketing dashboard in your Google Analytics accounts so that you can see all the important numbers for your business specifically at a glance, and set up automated monthly email reports from Google Analytics
  • Create a simple keyword ranking tracking document for your business and coach you on how to track this progress
  • Coach you on how to learn from your competitor’s SEO efforts and find that data
  • Set up weekly consultation calls (for the duration of the one month project) to coach you on how to glean insights you need and provide actionable tips to get a better handle on your data

Step 4

Backlink Building + Monthly SEO Management Services

Step #4: Backlink Building + Monthly SEO Management Services


Custom quotes can be provided; however, base plans typically include:


  • 1 long-form, content strategy driven, optimized blog post per month
  • 2 hours of developer time to work on SEO technical fixes
  • Plan + schedule social content for the month (that is derived from monthly blog content only. This should not be your only social media efforts)
  • Content strategy + research to identify key gaps from either a business goal, SEO traffic goal or conversion goal (This includes consultation call time)
  • Tracking and reporting on your keyword rankings, organic search traffic, and any other key areas identified by you
  • Email and scheduled call support to ensure that our content marketing efforts are clear and effective

Additional SEO Services We Offer

SEO Location Strategy Report ($995)

Do you want to create a specific SEO strategy for optimizing your brick and mortar business or for targeting a new location from your pre-existing market? We will work with you to research and create a custom local SEO strategy for increasing leads or foot traffic in a specific region.

Website User Behaviour Report ($995)

This will include an analysis of your top performing pages, user behaviour flow on your site, using heatmapping to analyze key pages, and providing insights and actions to take based on user behaviour data gleaned over the course of the month. The key is to find ways to improve the conversion rate of your website. (SEO focuses on growing traffic, and web optimization focuses on converting that traffic)

*Note: You must have Google Analytics properly configured on your site

Domain Migration Service ($5000+)

We offer domain migration services where we will work with your hosting provider, DNS records, and website to make sure you successfully switch over without SEO implications. We will also monitor for the month after the switch to ensure that things are looking normal. You can fill out the form below if you want us to manage this. Confirmed estimates are provided once we have more information on your domains, hosting provider and domain provider.

Praise for Boop Digital

I learnt a lot from Lauren about maximizing SEO for my website and in an easy to understand way. Definitely would recommend Boop Digital to other small business owners!

– Angela Lester, Photography by Angela McConnell

Lauren’s SEO knowledge is solid and she is able to communicate it clearly and simply for non technical folks like me, both verbally and in print/writing. She’s got a great attitude and heart to help, so that with her technical expertise, is a winning combination for anyone who is looking for a good client experience.

– Justine Hwang, It Just Flows Calligraphy Workshops & Coaching

Lauren is an SEO and digital marketing genius, but she makes everything really approachable! She is knowledgable about so many areas of online marketing and answered all of my questions in a way that made everything feel so much more manageable and doable! I would definitely recommend working with her for whatever online marketing needs you have; she’s the best!

– Leslie Roberts, Gilbie Media

We Lead + Educate on SEO

Our CEO/Founder + SEO expert Lauren Kyle is available for speaking engagements at your podcast, conference, mastermind, webinar, workshop, retreat, etc. Contact us for dates and rates.

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