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Why Do I Need A Website?

In a very basic sense, your website will allow people to search and find your business online, as well as give you credibility as an establishment in today’s digital age. Beyond just having a website, it is important that your website should act as a tool to convert potential customers into actual customers. In order to do this, it is important to consider that you have all the necessary information, an easy to use experience, and a visually pleasing design.

What It Costs

We offer three different tiered web design packages for your business.

You must be able to provide proof of fully developed branding before being able to choose these packages, or purchase a branding package through us.

All packages include the following:

Mobile first + responsive design
SEO ready site + our SEO guide
Basic email opt-in/Mailchimp integration
Tutorials on how to edit your site

Google Analytics Integration
Two rounds of included revisions during the design phase

A 50% non-refundable retainer is expected up-front to reserve your spot & you pay the remaining balance at the end of the project.

Available Add-Ons

Professional copywriting
Professional photography
Professional videography
SEO (Search Engine Optimzation)

Add e-commerce functionality

Includes custom storefront, cart & checkout
Additional $2000

Add appointment booking functionality

Additional $1000

Add event/ticketing functionality

Additional $1000

Add membership area functionality

Additional $1000

How Long It Takes

Your web design and development package typically takes approximately two months to complete, dependent on timeliness of feedback and assignments. Usually, you will pair this package with branding work (which takes about one month to complete). Allow for 3 months in total for your project.

(Typical) Month #1: Refining Your Strategy & Branding

Honing your business strategy (your target audience, products/services, and the page structure & functionality that you need)

We direct you to the best web package to fit your needs. We discuss potential additional plugin or asset costs you might need to pay for your project specifically.

You pay your initial deposit of 50% of the project cost

Most likely, you will undergo a brand design process with us before undergoing the web design project. This typically takes one month to complete.

Gathering your digital content (your imagery, videos, copy, business details and product/service information)

Month #1: Designing Your Website

We create mockups of each page for your website and send it to you for revisions

We do a revision round: You give us feedback on each page, and we make the changes. (This happens over and over until you’ve used up your included number of revision rounds)

During the last included revision round, you approve the design to go forward to the development stage.

You pay for any additional plugins required for the web development that we discussed in Month#1 that are necessary for your project

Month #2: Developing Your Website

We develop your website on our local servers. Once this process is complete, we will send you a link to see a demo version of your site.

You purchase your domain and company email address through Google at https://domains.google and your WordPress hosting plan through flywheel.com

We send you the final invoice to be paid

We upload the website to the servers and go live!

We send you a video tutorial on how to use your WordPress site and make edits.

Other Costs & Decisions To Consider

When building & launching a website you need to consider additional costs to the project:

Choosing a Platform

We build designs for a self-hosted WordPress.org site

In general, we suggest choosing self-hosted WordPress if your business has complex and custom functionality requirements, including complicated e-commerce needs. The advantage of a WordPress site is that it will allow for the most flexibility in functionality. WordPress is a free platform; however, you will need to pay for a hosting plan (around $15/month), a domain (around $17/year), and your business email (around $5/month per user).

Many people consider other drag and drop platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Showit5, etc. We suggest only choosing this kind of site if you are a creative whose site is mostly focused on image galleries, portfolios, and static information pages. The advantage of a these kinds of sites is that it will be dead easy for you to edit yourself; however, we do not do any custom development for these platforms, and if you choose to hire a developer down the line, it is likely you will need to get your site rebuilt on a different platform. These kinds of sites are also paid platforms; however, your hosting and tech support is included in the monthly cost (around $30-$40/month). You would still need to pay for your domain (around $17/year), and your business email (around $5/month per user). Typically these kinds of platforms will also make you pay quite a bit extra to “unlock” certain features that allow you to customize your site. Thus, we suggest you go the route of hiring a WordPress developer so that you can save money in the long term, and have full flexibility  and ownership in your design and content.

*It is important to note that when we say WordPress we mean a self-hosted WordPress.org site and NOT a WordPress.com site (which is comparable to the drag and drop builder platforms we mentioned above). Many people get confused between these two WordPresses. If you are ever confused, feel free to send us an email and ask!

Purchasing a Domain

(ie: www.marceildesign.com)
We suggest buying this directly from Google for approximately $12-$17 a year.

Setting up your email

(ie: Lauren@marceildesign.com)
We suggest g-suite from google ($5/month per user) to get an email address at your domain, as well as a Google Drive and other services for your business.

Choosing a hosting service

(ie: Who pushes your site live on the internet and keeps you safe from cyber attacks)

If you choose the self-hosted WordPress site as your platform of choice, then we will suggest that you choose Flywheel as your hosting provider (around $15/month) as we have a trusted partnership with them and have found them the most responsive, affordable, and available hosting providers for our clients using WordPress.

(Optional) Choosing an e-commerce platform

If you want to sell things online, you’ll need an e-commerce solution
1. If you choose the Showit5 platform we suggest Shopify lite (approximately $9/month)
2. If you choose the WordPress platform we suggest using Woocommerce (free for very basic, each extension costs around $99 USD each. Typically a project will end up requiring at least 2-3 additional plugins at your cost).

(Optional) Choosing a payment gateway

If you want to sell things online, you’ll need a way to process payments.
We suggest discussing various options with us at the time of your custom project. Typically payment gateways are free to install, but take a % of each transaction processed via credit card

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