Paragon Testing Enterprises Inc.

Case Study

The Need

Paragon Testing offers two main English language tests; namely the CELPIP for immigration to Canada, and the CAEL for university admissions for international students looking to study in Canada. Potential test takers have a few options of which test to take and often gravitate towards the most approachable and reputable brands with a breadth of prep resources.

The Solution

In order to elevate Paragon's test brands we updated all of the branding with clean, minimal design to ease the presence of this high stake testing company. This included transitioning to a simple, easy to read font, and colours that accentuated the Canadian nature of the company, as well as classic academia for the CAEL test and richness in the CELPIP test. Icongraphy, maps, and new print designs were created to create a much more visually rich brand for its predominantly ESL audience. In the second phase of the brand refresh, two new websites were designed with a custom API integration to make test booking easier, and test preparation more central to improve the online customer journey.

Paragon Testing Enterprises Inc.

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